I have been coordinating events since 2000. It all started when I was 17 and called upon by my local city government to coordinate a civic fundraiser that would attract and enable them to choose healthy activities. I was hooked.

From there I went on to throwing various fundraisers for non-profits, civic engagement events, volunteer appreciation parties, and fun runs. Fast forward through a bunch of small to large budget weddings, a handful of festivals, about a dozen corporate and holiday parties, a few baby showers, some birthday parties, and here I am. In the biz with a Sole Proprietorship; insured, and ready to rock.

EBE was established in July of 2015 as an LLC, and I am so very proud to be finally doing what I love so much. Most recently I have specialized in educational corporate CME conference events and Medical Association Management, but have maintained my roots of executing highly personalized and alternative weddings and intimate events.

As the Director of (Medical) Associations I operated 4 non-profit medical associations as their Executive Director and was the Project and Event Lead for 11 full-cycle CME events per year.  I led the Association Division at our company and worked with a team of Conference Management professionals to execute complex and successful CME events occurring in multiple states ranging in size from 80 to 700 attendees. I managed the Corporate Development for 13 events and worked closely with our Industry Partners to ensure the future success of those important meetings. The events were marketed to and included the most competitive and elite of our nation’s surgeons, and not one detail went un-missed.

My educational background is in Public Health which provided me with a foundation in marketing and communications to targeted audiences.  Additionally, I acquired a professional certification in Human Resources in 2013 so that I could expand my knowledge of organizational structure and industrial psychology of a growing corporation.  I am also currently working towards my CMP certification.  I began my professional career while in college, where I gained crucial experience as a Development Coordinator, Social Worker, Event and Project Manager, and HR professional. While my most recent specialty has been with Accredited Medical Societies and their meetings, I also work closely with several arts organizations.

My personal life consists of raising my children and volunteering as an Regional Contact for the Burning Man organization where I work with a team of individual professionals and artists to help plan large arts festivals (1,800 attendees), community workshops, and trainings. I am always striving for diversity in opportunity, continuous improvement, excellence, and growth.

I hope that you will enjoy working with me to create your special day. 

I am proud to belong to the following professional organizations: The Bridal Society, The Event Planners Association, NW Wed Pro, Society For Human Resource Management, and the Burning Man Project. 

Certified Wedding Planner Coordinator Manager Event Planner Planning Portland Oregon Venue Bride Bridal Gown Groom Invitations

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