I have been coordinating events since 2000. It all started when I was 17 and called upon by my local city government to coordinate a civic fundraiser that would attract “the youths”. I was hooked.

From there I went on to throwing various fundraisers for non-profits, civic engagement events, volunteer appreciation parties, and fun runs.

In 2009 I coordinated my first wedding for a friend. A small public park affair in a rose garden, with tea service and acoustic instrumentalists. I crafted wedding invitations, jar lanterns, floral arrangements, and matching ties for the groomsmen.

In 2010 I volunteered for the Regional Burning Man event, SOAK for the first time, and I was hooked. And they were in serious need of my help. I became heavily involved planning the events from the ground up, and in 2012 became a Regional Contact, and took over full production (with the assistance of 20-something nearly full time volunteer department managers and some-200 event volunteers) of SOAK and our Decompression Event, BurnOut. My festival feet were wet. Very very wet.

In 2011 I wed my best friend, Brandon. Our wedding was very low budget, and very DIY. We even scored a free venue at a 115 year old farm orchard that had been in their family since the beginning. Everyone had a job – and I had two – (wedding coordinator/bride).

Fast forward a bunch of small to large budget weddings, a handful of festivals, about a dozen corporate and holiday parties, a few baby showers, some birthday parties, and some international travel and executive assistance, and here I am. In the biz; a Sole Proprietorship, insured, and ready to rock. Established in July of 2015, and so very proud to be finally doing what I love so much – telling people what to do. (I kid!)

I hope that you will enjoy working with me to create your special day.

I am proud to belong to the Event Planners Association, Society For Human Resource Management, and the Burning Man Project. 

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