Corporate Services

Review the suggested services below or reach out for more info or a custom package tailored just right for your meeting or event. Packages may vary.

Full Service Corporate Events and CME Meetings or Conferences

Events charging tuition and ticket fees typically include the following:

  • Permit and municipality coordination
  • Contract negotiation (venue, vendors)
  • Vendor coordination
  • Event agenda logistics
  • Corporate development
  • Fiscal and budget management
  • Audio visual coordination
  • CME accreditation coordination
  • Accommodation and venue management
  • Banquet and menu management
  • Registration management
  • Event website development and management
  • Faculty management

Venue Location Services
Touring, negotiating, and booking the perfect venue for your event.

Onsite Event Management

Volunteer Management

Trade Show Management

Receptions and Celebrations

Continuing Education Credits/Accreditation

Event Registration Services
Web, phone, or in-person ticketing. May include registration website development and management.

Decor, Supplies, Event Design

Corporate Support and Fundraising Management
Goal planning, grant writing, trade show procurement, soliciting sponsorships, etc.

Meetings: In-person & Hybrid

Lunch Symposiums

Association Management & Commercial Event Admin Services
Pick and choose the custom services that best fit your needs. Typical Administrative Services include operations management such as budgeting/forecasting, board meeting management and minutes, phone services, customer service, agenda development, speaker coordination, layout design, menu management, website development and updates, and venue or room block management.

Destination Meeting Planning

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