Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I know it has been a while since I have posted or reached out. I have recently been undergoing some major life changes and am still in transition, but want you all to know that I am still here! I have some really exciting events and partnerships under contract to look forward to for 2018, and am still accepting bookings for spring and summer 2018.
I certainly have higher aspirations for my and my son’s futures than ever before, and hope that will be well reflected in my work.
From the cocoon emerges a beautiful butterfly.
I will be hoping for lots of candy and zero upset tummies for you and your families tonight!
Stay in touch!

The Ash is Falling

Three summers ago, when I started this business, I coordinated a sweet little wedding out near Corbett.
My thoughts are with the host family as they are in the area on the evacuation list from the Eagle Creek Fire.
I have so much anger towards those teens who mindlessly started the fire. A lot of precious memories and resources are burning out there.

Hot Summer Updates

It’s been a while since I have posted anything at length. Thanks for bearing with me! I wanted to share a quick update with all of you.

I am in the middle of my busy season. In fact, this is the first solid-booked season that I have ever had. This summer, I have had two (purposeful) weekends free where I did not take on clients, and I have one remaining so that I may volunteer at a special-interest festival in Sheridan, Oregon.

Some of you might know that I also help to manage sales and coordinate events at a brand new venue in Aurora, OR, www.thenurseryevents.com. It’s hands down amazing having the opportunity to see this place grow, make their carefully planned investments (under my direction!), and build a client roster.

My schedule is currently an orchestrated dance of personalized services for my Events By Emily clients who received a much more involved and specialized care, and venue clients who have a set of boundaries presented to them from the beginning. I also do promotion and web editing for a play gym/dance studio in Milwaukie, and daily social media marketing for a yoga studio in Clackamas. I am learning a finite balance, but enjoying every minute of it!

I just wrapped up an intimate destination wedding at Hoyt Arboretum with minimal decorations, and am heading into two more events with an officiating gig at The Nursery. After that I have a festival celebrating European decent off-road vehicles, the Eclipse, a 40th birthday party, and another wedding.

I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with all of my upcoming clients, and am thankful for those who have already utilized my services this summer.

Please enjoy these photos from recent events at The Nursery.



I know, I know. It’s not even the summer solstice…

But, it’s time to start booking your vendors for your winter or early spring wedding.

Me included. So here is some design inspiration to help get your gears going. Remember, not only am I a planner, I am a designer (with a way back – background in interior design)!

green wedding portland oregon, rustic, rural, winter, warm wedding dress, recycled wedding decor, upcycled
Use the elements that are around you – from ruffledblog.com
Winter wedding, Oregon wedding, oregon venue, ceremony, rehearsal, rustic, country, woods wedding, antlers, wine box, harvest, bride, groom
Alternative side table decor such as antlers, produce boxes, and pinecones – from happywed.com
Branches centerpieces, candle sticks, table numbers, white linens, reception, candelabra, brass, gold, silver, winter wedding,
Get branchy – from OregonBride.com
Fireplace wedding, rustic country venue, candle lit ceremony, stone fireplace, centerpieces, aisle
Light a fire; be toasty – from unknown source

Openings in September

Hello friends.

I still have some openings left for the month of September. Do you need any last-minute details arranged, or someone to help you coordinate all of the moving pieces and details on the day of your wedding so that you can relax? Most importantly, have you been stressing that your funky fresh wedding is getting a little too weird, even for Portland?

Bride, portland weird wedding, anniversary party, wedding planning, day of coordination, oregon wedding, washington wedding
Photo by Atlas Photo Co.

Let me wave my magic wand for you and be your fairy wedding coordinator. I will help to turn the stress of those mundane wedding and event tasks into a fantastic and beautiful vision!

I couldn’t be more relieved…


I am coordinating an Open House (grand opening) this weekend for the Venue I have been Managing, The Nursery.  

The weather in Oregon this spring has been nothing short of miserable – it’s been a wet spring. Outdoor wedding venues in the Willamette Valley are seasonal, and fully rely on gorgeous weather to be in their favor. What a misfortune it would be to have torrential downpours on us at our first official event of the season.

However, I have been working tirelessly to ensure that this little event goes off without a hitch. Not only do I represent the venue as their Sales and Event Manager, I am also their wedding coordinator, helping couples to achieve their dream wedding day.  So no matter your vision or style, come on down for a tour, some fresh coffee, and to meet some local industry vendors who will be passing out samples and pleased to offer you their helpful services.

Sarah Taylor Photography

Open House at The Nursery May 20th

It’s Cinco De Mayo, a day to remember and celebrate an unexpected triumph! May 5th also marks a great reminder that we are only 15 days out from our Open House!

Are you still searching for the perfect wedding venue? Come have a look for yourself! Meet vendors, sip wines from nearby wineries, and take in the glorious veiw and gardens.
Please RSVP and share the event!

More information about this great new Portland-area venue at https://thenurseryweddings.com/.

Feeling Blessed

I just took a look around the mess that surrounds me.

There are wedding decoration budget spreadsheets open in four tabs of my browser. I’ve got several PDF venue contracts open which make the fan on my laptop speed up with that recognizable ‘whooshing’ sound, symbolizing “she’s getting hot captain!” I’m feeling the heat and looking for daycare providers, and vendor business cards are strewn about my desk. The life of a Portland-area sole proprietor Wedding Planner is a busy one. Did I mention that I am a stay at home mom, run a new event venue, and cater to a clientele who marches to an alternative beat in life? Portland likes to keep things weird, and in a world where I’m competing with pearl-wearing Planner-zillas with beaucoup advertising bucks, I have to be the weirdest one out of all of them in hopes of standing out. So no pearls for me. 

wedding planner, portland, coordinator, venue, bride, groom, oregon wedding, weird, PDX, gay, LGBT

Yet, here I am – killin it. Elmo to my left, precious Burning Man memorabilia to my right, and I’m sitting here on my bomb ass couch with a roof over my head loving every minute of it. I’ve got a nice full client roster, a loving partner who supports and encourages my work, a snuggly cat, and a great kid. I feel the strength that a supportive community has brought me, and continues to give me every time I get a “follower“, a “like” or a “share”. Because I have the ability to do what I love to do, I can be here with my child to watch him grow into such a unique and bright little kid, and bring to fruition a once-secret lifelong dream. 

Thanks for sticking with me team. This wedding coordinator/planner/party host guru is feeling the love today.