10 reasons why you should take a coordinator with you to a bridal expo


  1. We have gotten to know you on a personal level. Every single vendor is there to make a sale, or has hopes of gaining you as a client (in a really pushy way). Your event or wedding coordinator, or potential coordinator, has already earned your trust and has gotten to know personal preferences and details that aid in the design, timing, judgement, and vendor selection for your event.
  2. We are ninjas.
  3. We have hidden agendas. (But this is a good thing – read on.) Your coordinator has already spent hours upon hours researching your vision, ideas, and the so-far verbal vomit that has been your wish list. We know what vendors will be there in advance, and have a plan of attack on which booths to visit first, and who will be wasting your time.
  4. We know you are not secure in your ideas or visions…or even your dream(s). A new idea is always catching your eye. We help to compile those ideas and consolidate.
  5. You will need an extra set of hands. Really. You will get a lot of free hand outs. Especially if you are a bride.
  6. We are your cheerleader. Have a friend, sibling, or Mom tagging along that has their own personal vision for your special day? That’s ok – we can help to reign them in.
  7. Budget budget budget. We help you stick to your guns.
  8. You will probably get overwhelmed. Planning a wedding or other big event can be really challenging, and really emotional. This is meant to be the most special day or a very important moment and highlight of your life. You will remember this for the rest of your life, and the pressure is on. Your coordinator is there to help releive the pressure, and should be willing to at least try to tackle any challenge, disgusting cake tasting, wine selection, DJ selection, or stuck up caterer that comes at you.
  9. Your coordinator likely has a discount attendance pass, or even free passes to get in to the expo or show.
  10. Did I say we haggle? Chances are, we can work with another vendor to get better than advertised rates on services and goods. You are welcome.

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