Seeking private home as potential wedding venue

Hello Readers!

I am putting myself out there and offering a virtual “pleased to meet you”.  Here is the deal – things are slow in the winter, and I get stretched pretty thin.

Perhaps you already rent out your space to events, and you need someone to take the burden off your shoulders? Or perhaps you have always wanted to turn your unique property into an event space, and just haven’t had the time or motivation to do it yourself?

I am seeking to establish a relationship with a potential venue that has a large well manicured home and property. The hope is that you would be open to becoming a small wedding and event venue, with me as the primary point of contact. I would manage all planning and coordination, as well as sales and rental packages. I have plenty of experience brokering these types of deals and advising on insurance and rental rates. I am even offering to build a website and do seasonal promotions if that is something you require assistance with. There is a lot of potential for steady revenue with this venture.

The ideal home would have at least a half acre private gathering space that is easily accessible, with plenty of parking or adjacent street parking, and not be “stacked up” alongside your neighbor’s homes or additional structures. The portion of the property intended for use should be very well maintained. It would also ideally have a space for brides to get ready, in the traditional “brides room” sense. Perhaps it would come with other ammenities such as outdoor power, existing barn, arbor, or gazebo, photogenic gardens, a view, or large patio that could fit several dining tables and/or chairs.
I am proposing to work for a flat fee per event, and help you to earn a nice supplemental income as seasonality allows.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in partnering with me on, please reach out to me via the “contact” tab.

With warm regards,


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