Feeling Blessed

I just took a look around the mess that surrounds me.

There are wedding decoration budget spreadsheets open in four tabs of my browser. I’ve got several PDF venue contracts open which make the fan on my laptop speed up with that recognizable ‘whooshing’ sound, symbolizing “she’s getting hot captain!” I’m feeling the heat and looking for daycare providers, and vendor business cards are strewn about my desk. The life of a Portland-area sole proprietor Wedding Planner is a busy one. Did I mention that I am a stay at home mom, run a new event venue, and cater to a clientele who marches to an alternative beat in life? Portland likes to keep things weird, and in a world where I’m competing with pearl-wearing Planner-zillas with beaucoup advertising bucks, I have to be the weirdest one out of all of them in hopes of standing out. So no pearls for me. 

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Yet, here I am – killin it. Elmo to my left, precious Burning Man memorabilia to my right, and I’m sitting here on my bomb ass couch with a roof over my head loving every minute of it. I’ve got a nice full client roster, a loving partner who supports and encourages my work, a snuggly cat, and a great kid. I feel the strength that a supportive community has brought me, and continues to give me every time I get a “follower“, a “like” or a “share”. Because I have the ability to do what I love to do, I can be here with my child to watch him grow into such a unique and bright little kid, and bring to fruition a once-secret lifelong dream. 

Thanks for sticking with me team. This wedding coordinator/planner/party host guru is feeling the love today. 

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Event Planner and Mom

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