Join us for the Spring Small Business & Maker Craft Fair!

Vendor space is sold out.

Shop on April 30th from 12 pm to 6 pm at the Annex in TaborSpace for local crafts, gifts, services, and treats!

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Taborspace is located at 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215.

Featured Vendors:



With live music by Barely Vertical to benefit Team In Training/Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (a fundraiser to cure blood cancers).

Vendor Information


$31.00 Standard Booth: Aproximately 6.5′ wide by 8′ deep. Comes with a 6′ rectangle or 60″ round folding table. For single vendors only. Great for a standard set up for your goods for sale. Room to set up a small amount of additional shelving behind or in front of your folding table.

$41.00 Large Booth: Aproximately 12.5′ wide by 8′ deep. Includes a storage ledge and and option of a 6’or 8′ rectangle folding table 60″ round folding table. (8′ table availability is first come first serve day of the event). For single or double/shared vendors. Great for vendors needing additional built in display space. Room to set up additional shelving behind or in front of your folding table.

$24.00 Mini Booth: Aproximately 6′ wide by 4.5′ deep. One 6′ rectangle folding table, joined with neighboring 6′ rectangle folding tables in a cluster in the center of the room. For single vendors only needing limited display space. A maximum of two chairs per table booth allowed. Great for professionals offering a service or chair massage stations.

*Please no third party sales such as Scentsty, Jamberry, or MaryKay.


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Small Business and Craft Expo – Join us!

Have a small business or craft hobby you would like to gain some traction on?
I am drumming up a small business expo and craft fair for PDX small business owners and Burner Locals.
Let me know your interest and needs by filling out the survey in this link, and I will book a space for us to use! The more of us there are, the cheaper the registration fee will be. 

When the Coordinator needs a little TLC…

We all know that Wedding and Event Planning is an image business. Let’s face it…it can be tough to keep up [with] appearances. And…not every couple plans for an easy-going no-frills wedding where their best friend makes the bouquets out of farmer market flowers, kale, and beach grass (see below). 10675757_10101299401895178_2259670904981449804_n

To make matters worse, as a customer, it’s much harder to trust a professional who is looking a little rough around the edges than to trust one who is well manicured, bright and spunky.  As a consultant, I get to play the part of both the customer and the coordinator. 

To give you a better idea of what I am talking about,  let me take you back 9 and a half months. 

P1120297Yep. I’m a mommy. This is part of the reason I decided to go into business for myself. And it’s been a wonderfully challenging and rewarding journey. But, that is not my point. My point is, everyone has a hard job, and usually more than one hard job fills their time in their daily lives. Whether it’s to be a bride and figure out what details matter the most to help you celebrate the fact that you have found love. Or maybe your day is being a mother, or juggling volunteering commitments, or working for or owning a business. And sometimes all of it at once.  It’s all hard work that we are grateful is done at the end of the day. But then we get up and do it all over again the next day. And some days, we don’t get enough sleep before we need to do it. Maybe we go a little long in between hair cuts, our dresses fit a little tight, or we forget to wear deodorant because we are so darn inspired by the people around us, some of those things just don’t seem to matter as much.

Until they do.

Because sometimes… Mama has 4 voicemails to return from potential clients who want to book in-person interviews or meetings, a permit deadline, baby is pulling your hair out while screaming because he just pooped, and your best clothes don’t fit any more because of breastfeeding …you just need a hair cut and a little color to cheer you up and help you feel special. Then, a moment of clarity. Enter a plea to friends on Facebook for a little help in this department, and suddenly an angel appears from the heavens in the form of a hair stylist you have never met.

Meet Stacy.

Stacy is my angel. Stacy took me on as a client last week at the recommendation of a friend – and did so very last minute at a very busy and upscale salon downtown. Stacy saved my life. She didn’t care that I brought my baby to the salon with me. She didn’t care that I was a few minutes late and had to run around the corner mid-appointment to re-fill the parking meeter. Stacy listened to me. Stacy made me feel at ease. Stacy was my savior for just one day, and helped me to feel and look like a million bucks. BE LIKE STACY.

Better yet, GO SEE STACY.

I don’t need to look as good as my brides do. But I do need to feel as good in order to provide an excellent service to my clients. This is the ultimate basis of my profession’s success. So, just sometimes, I need to ask for help in order to treat myself to something special. And every once in a while, a client will help me accomplish that goal with a gift certificate or thank you card. The gesture goes a very very long way. Trust me. We [coordinators/consultants] spend countless unbilled hours learning about you, your vision, and how to make it a reality. And when she show up – we REALLY show up for you. At least I do – always – but after I have scheduled in a little ME time.

When I do take the time to take care of myself, everything returns to stasis. I look, feel, and smell a little better and my clients trust that I can, in turn, take care of them.

So how can you have an angel save you and make you feel like a million bucks for your special day? (Even if your special day means racing down to the salon on a non-specific Wednesday with you baby on your hip). No judgement – we all have a story.

Find Stacy Here

10 reasons why you should take a coordinator with you to a bridal expo


  1. We have gotten to know you on a personal level. Every single vendor is there to make a sale, or has hopes of gaining you as a client (in a really pushy way). Your event or wedding coordinator, or potential coordinator, has already earned your trust and has gotten to know personal preferences and details that aid in the design, timing, judgement, and vendor selection for your event.
  2. We are ninjas.
  3. We have hidden agendas. (But this is a good thing – read on.) Your coordinator has already spent hours upon hours researching your vision, ideas, and the so-far verbal vomit that has been your wish list. We know what vendors will be there in advance, and have a plan of attack on which booths to visit first, and who will be wasting your time.
  4. We know you are not secure in your ideas or visions…or even your dream(s). A new idea is always catching your eye. We help to compile those ideas and consolidate.
  5. You will need an extra set of hands. Really. You will get a lot of free hand outs. Especially if you are a bride.
  6. We are your cheerleader. Have a friend, sibling, or Mom tagging along that has their own personal vision for your special day? That’s ok – we can help to reign them in.
  7. Budget budget budget. We help you stick to your guns.
  8. You will probably get overwhelmed. Planning a wedding or other big event can be really challenging, and really emotional. This is meant to be the most special day or a very important moment and highlight of your life. You will remember this for the rest of your life, and the pressure is on. Your coordinator is there to help releive the pressure, and should be willing to at least try to tackle any challenge, disgusting cake tasting, wine selection, DJ selection, or stuck up caterer that comes at you.
  9. Your coordinator likely has a discount attendance pass, or even free passes to get in to the expo or show.
  10. Did I say we haggle? Chances are, we can work with another vendor to get better than advertised rates on services and goods. You are welcome.

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Preferred and Partner Vendors

I’m a firm beleiver in keeping it local. Over the years I have made some friends and very amazing connections who also have businesses in the industry, and they are nothing but professional and fantastic. Here is my preferred vendor list:

Baked Goods:

Piece of Cake Bakery – Sellwood –

Mobile DJs:

DJ Serious – Portland Metro –

DJ Joe Good with Noteworthy DJs –



Richard Mackin – Contact me for info

Adrian Thomas-Eikmann – Contact me for info


Parallel Photography –